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Well, yesterday was a whirl wind of activity.  It seemed that playing with Kyra was tops on my list though.  I get this guilty feeling when I am planning on leaving her with someone else.  I have no idea how I am going to handle working full-time.  I know I have to though. 

So throughout the day time hours, I played with her.  We even sat during the day cuddling watching a show of Sesame Street.  We usually don’t watch TV until it is close to bed time.  We watch one show together and then she watches one show from her bed as she doses off.  After that I either watch an adult style show or go to bed myself, it is a toss up.

Yesterday though we broke the no TV rule and watched one during the day together curled up under a blanket on the couch.

After my routes in the afternoon, I had a 5:30 interview.  I took Kyra to Tom’s for a few hours so I could go to the interview.  I got back to her about 7, so she was there less than 3 hours.  I sat and talked with them awhile and came home. 

The interview went well though, I think.  I think I could do the job well.  I will definitely consider it if I am offered it.  It is a secretary at an insurance agency job.  It has some aspects that are very appealing and others not so appealing.  It is the sort of job I will either love or hate, but I don’t know which until I give it a go.

So that was my yesterday.