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There was an 8 year old left in a bus this week too.  I just wrote about a 5 year old earlier today.  This child got out of the bus and was walking around the bus yard when she woke up she was taken to school by another driver.

I think this punishment was much fairer, so I thought I would write about it.  The driver in my other article lost her driving job, and also her cafeteria job because of the incident.  The driver of this student though got suspended for 20 days and a year on driving probation.  That to me seems like a much fairer punishment.

I am really going to be checking out my bus this school year.  I admit to not always checking…I think there is no way a kid will sleep for the additional 20 minute ride from school to my house in complete silence. Kyra always wants out when we get home.  She is older this year, so probably won’t be so ready to get out.  I also have the same kids in the back all year with instructions that they are to be the last ones off and to let everyone out in front of them. 

I will be checking though better this year, maybe I’ll even exit my bus from the back at home.  Kyra thinks that is fun.