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20070905_00104p  Yes, that is the safety latch on the bathroom cabinet.  It keeps Kyra safe from the cleaning supplies which are all within there.  It is the only locked anything in my house.  Well, she now uses it to get to the sink to brush her teeth.  She brushes her teeth with a few inches of toothpaste. 

20070912_01212p It isn’t too bad though as she leaves everything in her path pretty much clean.  I am trying to remember to always put the toothpaste too high for her, it is a bonus being a tall girl now a days.  She hasn’t figured out that the tube in the cabinet is also toothpaste (Stan’s) and doesn’t even go for it.  She only goes for mine which I also allow her to use under supervision.  She could eat it straight out of the tube I think…blah.