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The aquarium was fun.  It wasn’t worth no $30 per person though or I am really cheap.  The dolphin show was cool. I wished they had used more dolphins though even if those dolphins skills weren’t perfected.  They had like 9 dolphins but only 2 were in the show.  It was to much space between jumps and it seemed like we were waiting for a long time while the dolphin splashed the other side of the room or whatever.  They didn’t do anything together the dolphins and part of the fun of watching dolphins is watching them interact with each other.

The rest of the aquarium was cool.  The sharks really looked evil.  There were lots of little frogs and tiny displays.  I liked the new Australia display the best probably.  The birds and other animals added to the water displays in this section. 

It was a fun day.

We went to one of our friends in York afterward and ate wings while Kyra and there son played.  That was pretty fun too.  They have this giant stuffed dog that the kids were dragging around.  It was funny.