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Yes, woo hoo.  Can you believe it.  We left our house today.  We went on the first annual “Art Walk” in Chambersburg.

This wasn’t much of an event, but more a revitalizing the downtown attempt for the city.  I think it was wonderful though a night on the town with my two cuties.

There was this tree.  I loved the blossoms.  I don’t know what kind this is, but it was beside a nursing home in the downtown, so I went in for close shot of the blooms.  Aren’t they just splendid…

 As we walked, I was taking pictures all along.  Adam was even telling me too which was refreshing.  I usually embarrass him with my camera I think and he is rushing me along.  I love when he is more relaxed and lets me take photos.  This clock looked cool though to us.

  A lot of the businesses were giving free samples of there products.  Here is Adam with his free coffee of which some spilled onto his shirt (twice, shh!).  It is hard to balance hot coffee and a wiggly little girl.  She doesn’t want me at this point yet.  She mostly prefers him when he is home though.  I admit he is probably more fun than I am and I am the stricter of the two of us.

I love this shot.  The windows on this building were so big and the eves looks so nice.  I just looked straight up at them and took this picture.  I think it is a cool perspective.

This one is the door to the courthouse in the center of the center of town.  I took it from an angle instead of straight on because this is the way most of the people that come to it see it as most of the parking is off to the side and it looks pretty cool from this view.  Cool that is unless you are on trial and then those stomach jitters are wiggling and nothing looks cool.

Here is Kyra by one of the outside sample tables. She is such a well behaved kid, it is amazing.  I know this will end, but I am reveling in it.  She walks all nice beside us down the street and pretty much listens.  If she disagrees though, she just falls down screaming.  I think that is the correct motion for a almost 2 year old though, so no worries.  LOL…

We at at the Main Street Deli and they took what seemed like forever to make our food.  We learned that they got a new oven and Adam’s meatball sandwich had fell through the cracks later, so they had to make his twice.  While we were waiting, Kyra and Adam did paces outside this door which our dining table was up against.  Everytime they walked by, they gave the door a knock knock.

There was also an art gallery which to my surprise was holding a friends of mines jewelry work.  Chenin of CheninDesigns, so she was there and I finally got to see a large amount of her beautiful works. Her stuff is expensive, but she has so much training and it takes so much time to create that the value is in that and you are getting a completely custom piece with every single piece.  This is completely handcrafted high quality pieces.  (No, this is not a paid ad.)  Chenin is truly a friend of mine also the VP of my rock club.

I am going to contact the owner of this art gallery and see about maybe putting some of my photography in there during a future show.  I have never tried to sell my photos like this, but I have some good photos that maybe could sell and my prices would probably be pretty good.

We left the walk and here I am past my bed time again.  Wow…is it really almost midnight.  Good thing there is no school tomorrow…oh yeah and only 23 school days left.  I should start my countdown here.  LOL… I am so so ready for summer this year.  Last year, I was dreading summer at this point in the school year can you believe that but am I ever ready this year.

Anyways…this is a really long post and I am going to bed.  Good Night….