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Well, I am going to get back into writing on my site.  I’ll tell you about August though in one big swoop.  August was over all a great month.  The weather was summery and hot.  It was a beautiful month.

Kyra grew a little during the month.  She is growing in her mind at an alarming rate.  She learns so much now, she is like sticky paper with her mind.  She picks up on so much stuff.

Work was great.  I am getting more and more confident in my insurance knowledge and I feel liked at work.  It makes me very happy.

Stephen and I were together the full month of August…we broke up here in September.  August though was great. 

We met with Jason, Missy, and Haley and went camping during one of the weekends in August.  We went to Possum Lake. We went to the Lebanon Rock Show in August.  The Corn Festival is the last weekend of August and Kyra and I went to that with Stephen’s mom.  All those things were great fun.

The whole month just flew by.  Here are some of the photos….  The first 6 are from the camping trip.

_DSC0962 _DSC0965 _DSC0970 _DSC0980


  _DSC0988 _DSC1005

We went to Possum Lake.

_DSC1043  _DSC1033_DSC1034

If you have watched this site awhile.  You will have seen Kyra sitting in this shopping cart as a baby all the way up.  I think she is almost done being able to sit in it now.


We learned that playing under the empty pool is just as fun as playing in the water filled pool.  Turtle is a fun game all over the yard.