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I am an auntie, so I just wanted to tell everyone. This is Haley Mae, she was born last year on December 26th, but since I am sort of new to this. I am catching up a bit on my life.

This is the best picture I have of her. She was born with small infection and needed oxygen, so I didn’t get to hold her yet. I so wish I could have though. I would have just scooped her out of the head thing and held her tight. I am going the 200 miles this weekend Sunday though and will get the chance.

She is home with my brother and his wife and doing well. I am just so glad that she was born with 5 fingers and toes on each limb and now even with distance both mine and my brothers little girl can grow up semi-together. Next week I will post a better picture of my Kyra with baby Haley.

Kyra will look so huge next to her, but they are only about 5 months apart. It is so hard to believe the growth. Everyone told me that when I had Kyra, but I didn’t believe them. I do believe now. She is such a big girl now looking back.

I think my brother will be a great dad. He has always loved kids. He is great with Kyra except for the fact that he keeps calling her “Bug”. I now hope he calls his Haley “Bug”, but if he doesn’t I will. Just for fun… know.

Do all babies and kids get strange sort of nicknames like that?? I call my Kyra “Stinker” now even though I picked her name and love it. Why do we do this to children?

I remember calling my youngest brother “Bear” when he was a baby. I was 8 when he was born, so I remember some of him being baby. I think everyone called him “Bear”. I even think he thought that was his name. I guess in a sense it was.

I was told that they called me.. “Big Bell”. I guess my belly much like it still does hung over my diapers. I am not overweight, but I can’t get abs of steal no matter what I do, so I give up. I will always have a “Big Bell” as it was called. Now after having Kyra that is probably more true, but I have lost all plus some extra of the weight I gained while pregnant. My goal was to have it lost by Christmas and I did, probaby by Thanksgiving have it lost.

I now wish my sister-in-law the same luck in weight loss, but she was way skinnier than me before she got pregnant. I think she gained more than me too. Maybe she can set the goal similiar to mine was and have it lost by Kyra’s first birthday. I have to go get all my free cakes at every grocery store in town, so we will have some celebration food for the weight loss if she does decide on that day. Haley will be just learning to eat too, if she goes like Kyra is. Haley will be about right where Kyra is right now in age.

I think I love this age for Kyra. I wasn’t so good at infant, but this sort of vocal, sort of mobile, and full of smiles age. I love it.

Well of course I will close with telling my brother and his wife congratulations and what a beautiful baby. (I don’t know if he ever reads this or not.) I told him I was starting it. I think I told everyone I know. Posted by Picasa