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I wasn’t late or early with any of my routes.  I learned about 5 more names which is good.  I have about 25 more to go…the hardest 25, the perfectly behaved and non-brown nosing kids.  LOL…  I survived the first week though, that is good.  I only have 175 more days now.

Kyra was exceptionally fun today and I don’t know why.  She is getting to imitating me and everyone else and she almost always does what I ask her too. 

 She is getting so she recognizes things in quantity which I think is advanced for her age, but very funny.  Today, for lunch, I brought out two glasses for drinks.  One was mine and one was hers, she immediately said “Igetoo” which means “I get two??”.  She doesn’t exactly sound like they are separate words.  She says sentences as one word, so you have to be good to decode it.

She immediately drank one, a single sip.  Then picked the other and a single sip, she follows up with “Mine”.  I say we are sharing and she is okay with that and I take my drink.  It was really cute.

20070831_00411aIt is also cute how she always puts a blanket on her dolls, notice how this one has a washcloth for a blanket.  When you put a blanket on her though, she kicks it off.  She has done that, since the day she was born.

20070831_01203p Here we are, the cat was sitting so good.  I had Stan take our picture.  I was trying to get Kyra to look at him, so my hand is still on her chin.  I really need to dye my hair as you can see the gray from in the photo.  Aaahhhh!  I am not that old yet.

We were saying the ABC’s on the couch here.  I am pretty sure she has them down in her mind, but I don’t think she can say “C” because she says A-B-A-B over and over again, but if I say the C she will go D-E-F-G…

She played in her pool some today.  She probably ate 5 or 6 apples off the tree out there by the pool.  Kyra loves them.  I however  hate apples unless they are in pie and mushy.  I don’t like the way they crunch or the feeling of them in my mouth when I eat them.  I ate a ton of them while I was pregnant though.  Those were my craving food.  I probably ate more apples while I was pregnant than I have eaten the total of the entirety of my life.

20070831_01806p Do you think the cat looks stronger when she is in the peach tree??  She thinks she is.  She has this stand point to scan for the barn cat.  She is so territorial.  It is so dumb as she is fed all you can eat, plus some.  I am constantly trying to get her to gain weight as she is only like 5 lbs.

Stan did good today.  I figured out that he didn’t eat hardly any carbs yesterday, so that is why his sugar dropped.  He doesn’t understand what a carb is though and gets all confused.  I told him he had to eat yogurt with his meal, but I didn’t watch him eat and he didn’t eat the yogurt.  I don’t think we are going to lower his insulin or anything this time like we have each time this happened in the past.  I should have called the doctor though but I didn’t.

I haven’t talked about my toe on here in a very long time.  I had my toe nail removed in April though.  Now, my toe nail is growing back in, except it has decided to grow right into the skin of my toe, so it is hurting like you wouldn’t believe.  I took scissors today (those little funky manicure style ones) and cut the skin out from in front of it’s growth area, but it still hurts.  Ouch…  I hope this growth happens quick as I can’t really afford to go to the toe doctor right now, but I would like to be able to be pain free in my toe.

Anyways, that was my day, look out for all the excitement around here tomorrow with the blog exchange.