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I have been having a dilemma with the blogger of the day posts being well, boring and the fact that the category page is beyond boring to look at.

I was talking it over with Matt from Blog About Your Blog and discussed getting some sort of logo. He though it was a good idea. Now, generally…I am pretty good with graphics. This case though, I had no idea what to do for it.

I passed my wants over to Ilker from The Thinking Blog whom just happened to have just released her portfolio page which she should include my favicon in, by the way. It is still wonderful.

Anyways, she sent me back 6 designs all with gold and black which all look pretty great. I am tickled, smiling ear to ear with them. I went ahead and added the one to all the past post and all the posts that I have that you can’t see yet. I will eventually rotate them in a random sort of way because I love them all. They are all the same though for now.

Anyways, I am very happy with this. If you need design work…I highly recommend Ilker. She is wonderful beyond belief.