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Warning I hate those body sprays. They stink so much why anyone would purposely spray that on themselves is beyond me. Blah….

Well, this morning the kids again sprayed one of them on my school bus, needless to say all windows were opened and we talked to the principal when we arrived at school. That stuff is just nasty.

In doing research trying to find a picture of this stuff. I learned that there are other people that hate it. The Onion has an article about a truck load of it spilling in a waterway. The Urban Dictionary says that it is sad that a large company is trying to get boys to wear perfume. The crazy thing is I don’t see the real company’s page on the top 3 pages of search, so I guess they need some SEO in there.

Ok, so now I just want to clear it up. I only dislike the body spray product. There shower gels and other products are fine in my book. It is just that vulgar smelling spray that I hate.