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This is a sponsored post, sort of, in that the fact is if you click that photo and buy there product.  I will get a very small cut.  However, the cause is a good one.  I want one of these glass feet and hands made of my Kyra’s hand and foot.  The cost is only $35 which is a steal pretty much in my opinion and if this post can make me that much I know I will get it. 

So check out this product and I think you will also think it is a great deal.  You can give for a gift to a baby shower and you will get stellar reviews.  It is something you can get that new parent or grandparent that has everything.  You could give it to even the parent of a toddler somewhere around Kyra’s age….cause boy are her little hands and feet cute a can be.  LOL…  I know I am biased.

Anyways, they have lots of different packages including plaster prints and one done with gold or these glass one which seem to be my favorite, everything here seems to be under $50 which is cool.

I imagine that Kyra will really enjoy something like this when she is adult in that I would really enjoy something like this of myself if I had it.  It would be a treasure.  It is so much more personal than a photo even in that you can see and hold it.  It is the actual size and shape.  We all have a hard time imagining ourselves as small, well this would really not take all the much imagination.

Please consider… Good Night…