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20080611_01706p Well after having yesterday off, going back to work was sort of a welcome thing for today.  I do like my little office.  Well, I got there like a tornado hit.  No there wasn’t paper every where, but work everywhere.  I had 80 or so e-mails which I get usually about 15 or so in a whole day.

I got things all put back together about noon or so.

I had leftover Caledonia Bistro food, from yesterday.  That place is so good.  It is such a treat even to have left overs.

I got Kyra back at 5.  We came home and she woke up which sure is welcome.  We walked to Stephen’s while she told me about her trip to Lake Tobias today with her dad.  We got her tricycle back, she fell asleep last time we were there, so I carried her back and left her bike there.  She played for a while.

EmmaKyra We got our stuff ready for our weekend trip we are planning.  We are sleeping in the tent tomorrow night, so we are ready now.

Here is my small photo catch up.

The top one is a picture of Kyra about a week ago, when we had a picnic outside.  The next one is her at the fire station with here babysitter.  This is the other little girl that is with her (Emma), aren’t they cute.

20080610_01209p Here is the before Stephen’s hair cut.  It was like midnight and he had a hair appointment before I got home from work, so I got him up to take his picture.

20080613_02109p Here is the picture of him falling asleep, but with short hair. I need some better photos of him.  I am always taking them of Kyra.  I ignore him with my camera.  LOL…

Anyways, that is that.  Have a great weekend.