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I love backgammon. It is one of my favorite boardgames and one that I frequent on yahoo games on occasion, so if you ever find ladylike4444 playing over there don’t be scared. Jump in and let me know that you know me and have been here. I will be thrilled.

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The game of backgammon is a fun yet simple game at backgammon masters you can download and play against some of the best players on the internet for free.

You can find all the backgammon rules over at they seem to have a really complete version of the rules over here with lots of interaction.

You probably don’t know it, but I got slammed for supporting a lighter house arrest sentence on Paris Hilton on another site. I do think she should be punished, but that they are using her as an example instead of being fair about the whole incident.

Oh, I am okay (A good internet slam is good for a person now and again.) Anyways, I still think they should have went with house arrest. Well, it seems that this backgammon masters is also taking this route and they are giving Paris a custom backgammon board to use while in jail and afterward of course. They have made an offer for her to join them at the Annual Carlo Backgammon World Championship as well, so hopefully she will get to be a great player while in the can.

See there is good in everything….hope you win there Paris.

This is a sponsored post.