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Here look at this background tile piece. I finally figured out how to make cool background tiles. Woo Hoo…. I am going to be addicted to these for a short while I know it already. This one was made with a photo of a pacifier….would you have ever guessed?? LOL….

I have been working hard lately on loading images into my stock photo sites, so hopefully within a few days here I will have over 200 images on them each for sale.

Kyra is teething really bad now. She is also learning to fight sleep and is doing that really well. She makes herself miserable. I hold her for hours and hours on end. It is crazy. I got her a little innertube floater thingy at Walmart yesterday. I can’t believe it was under $3. We are going to the pool today. It will be great fun.

Well, talk on here later. Bye…