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  This is her laying beside my feet in my office this afternoon.  She had a baby laying beside her feet with it’s hands by it’s head too.  It was really cute.  LOL…

Today was a good day.  It has dropped like 30 degrees in temperature in like one day, which is just crazy.  They are even forecasting snow…yeah that has to be some sort of record.  Who knows?

I took a whole bunch of pictures today, but my hands must be shaking because most came out blurry, so you only get these two today even though I swear I just got 3 ready for on here.  I am tired, so probably did one wrong.

I did my routes today.  I have high school kids being bad now though, which isn’t good.  I always brag about how good my high school route kids are, but I guess I am done.  I have to have a mean talk tomorrow which is something I just rarely do or don’t do at all.  I am that nice bus driver…LOL.  My little kids are usually the baddest of my routes, and I think they slipped something in there school lunch drinks today.  They were going off the walls, I had “We will Rock You” going on for about 1/2 my route.  Blah…not that it is a bad song, just only fun after a ball game or something like that.

Anyways, I survived and it is supposed to snow tomorrow, so they will probably cancel or delay school like usual.  Oh, I hope they cancel.  I hate delays.  LOL…

Kyra fell while she was at the neighbors today, so she got that little sore under her eye by her thumb.  Poor girl…she will be okay though, so no big deal.  Why she loves that super ugly hat?  It is crazy, she does though.

That is all for my day though pretty boring.  Tomorrow should be more exciting.  I have a job to do at Sears. Bye..