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20071229_01001p Here look at my cutie, Kyra before I tell you about me day.

So, I start….

My college stuff, it is all bad news. 

I have 70 possible credits that could have transferred from my previous college, but the school will only acknowledge 10 to 13.  Yes, that means instead of needing something like 50.  I will need something like 110 more credits.  I have to take tests to get some of those credits back which is all fine, but the tests cost money that I don’t have.

The university that I am going to has a policy that transfer students with less than 30 transfer credits have to reside in campus housing.  I would have to write a letter to someone and have an exception made so that I can live in my own house or I have to pay for a dorm room.

Financial aide is based on taxes, so officially even though I have been “single” for 1/2 the year.  I am not officially single until I file an income tax without Adam on it. Which for me will be sometime in March probably because I have 1099’s that they are ever so slow to mail me.

Simply put, I will not be able to start classes in 2 weeks like I had been planning.  I have to get all this stuff ironed out and maybe even won’t be able to go to this school.  I am going to see how many of my credits will be accepted by a couple other local schools before I decide.  I guess.

In other bad news, my bathtub hot water pipe broke.  I have had to turn my water off and on each time I need it.  Larry is working on fixing it though.  I love that man…  He tightened it yesterday and it was fixed for a couple hours, but there is something in there causing it to come loose.  He is planning on replacing a fitting today, so hopefully this will be a house of running water again by the weekend.

In good news, I have found a roommate that will probably work wonderful for here and for now to help me out with my finances since I am so tight.  It is a college student going to be going to the college that I just said I couldn’t.  LOL…  He is 20 years old and from Hong Kong.  He would be staying here 4 months.  I talked to his parents (in hong kong) who would be the ones paying me.  I have talked to him once and will meet him next week.  This will be money well needed. 

In other good news, Stephen took me to dinner.  Oh it was good.  He knows some of the best places to eat.  It was a very welcome relief after the crazy rough day and talking to about 1/2 the people in at the University.

20071222_01005p Here look at Kyra again, she is always my best news.  LOL…  She spent the day with her dad though.  She is going to see the Elmo singing concert with him sometime today, so she will be so excited.  I am actually excited for her.  Hopefully my day will just be boring like a normal day without her is.