Select Page, so what is going on lately. Look at this face, she has so many different looks. She is a real face changer. She can really let you know how she is feeling, just by crinkling her eyebrows, scrunching her nose, or sticking out her tongue. My favorite look is her angry look, it makes me laugh.

Well, the last few days have been crazy. Yesterday we went grocery shopping and bumper bowling. It was pretty fun though, Kyra likes bowling. However; she likes anything that happens with balls, so bowling should be no exception. She even likes watching football with her dad after I am way bored.

Today we went to fix our taxes. We had our 2004 local taxes audited. So, we did them essentially right only way wrong. Our taxes were paid into Ohio where Adam’s job at the time was located and we filed PA, so now we have to refile OH and give PA the money. It is just a huge pain in the butt. However, the good news is it won’t cost any extra money. The tax office was closed today though, they had a sign that said they are open tomorrow, so I have to go again.

We than made appointment for my oil change in my car and the muffler to be fixed.

We got home and it is so nice out. Kyra and I played outside for over an hour. She is getting good at kicking the ball.

Well, that is it for now. I may post later though, I took pictures outside. Bye…