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Well, I was reading the great site The Homeschool Way and she has posted some interesting news articles today, so I am hijacking them. (I also went ahead and turned this one into a PDF, so if they change it you can still read it.)

I find this article very interesting.  I think everyone should read it, very revealing.  I doubt there is a state that isn’t close on almost all these statistics.

I really think that the teacher who requires that the parents spend the day babysitting their bad student on the third offense really has a novel approach. 

I would love to have mommy or daddy sitting with my bad kids on the bus.  I somehow think that would be that kids best day riding.  It would also be very distracting though as the attention it got from the other students is sometimes very annoying.  When I have someone who isn’t a standard passenger, I get this annoyance.  This would multiply it times 10, yet the misbehaving student would behave.

What do you think??