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Ok, so on my bus I have one student who just will not listen to me. He has an assigned seat close to the front of the bus which he refuses to sit in. I write him up everytime of course, so he is basically talking to the principle everyday. I guess he doesn’t like the kid that sits with him, however that kid is a fairly well behaved kid. The other boy though just doesn’t seem to care about anything or anyone.

So he was written up on Thursday morning and finally he gets suspended from the bus for one day. That day being Friday. He rode Thursday afternoon though. During this ride home he was a total mess. He didn’t sit in his seat. He instead sat in his sister’s seat as I guess she had told him that he could have her seat. He sat in the back than, so he was automatically being written up, but while he was back there he was throwing things and just being a total menace. I now just try to get him home, that is my total goal. However he found it necessary to expose his body to another student back there while he was there. He denies having done so of course. (Why would this other student tell me he did it out of the blue if he didn’t?? The world of 10 year olds don’t make up this sort of stuff, even today. They have a much better imagination than this!!)

With all this though, my special student only gets kicked off the bus for another 2 days. So I still have him….I thought for sure that he would be gone for awhile. He got the warning that next time something bad happens he will be kicked off longer. I know for sure that the short bus goes within 3 houses of his home, why don’t they just put him on that, so he can be in a more controlled enviroment. I am so confused…..

That is that….Bye for now.