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Today’s school bus routes went about as bad as they have in a whole long while.  They must have fed the kids something…well, I guess the morning route went fine.  This afternoon though, there was an extra kid on my high school bus that I never seen before, so I do the normal get name and check against roster.  Usually…it is someone who just rarely rides.  Well, today it was someone who doesn’t ride.  I called transportation and than made him get off the bus at the school.  That took an extra 5 minutes.  It isn’t the bad thing that the kid was trying to ride my bus though.  It was that he wouldn’t give his real name…he kept changing it.  He had 3 names in a matter of minutes…LOL. Anyways, he got off.  The high school was fine than.

I got the elementary school later now than usual because we are loading instantly when we get there.  My kids are going off the walls…quite literally.  I have 1/2 the bus standing and louder than usual.  I do know I have one of the louder busses just generally, but today was unheard of loud.  I stopped my bus in route to have them be more quiet.  This just caused craziness.  We don’t have to be quiet blah blah blah…from my normally bad students.  I wanted to pull hair out.  Oh, and I got cursed.  Ultimately, 6 students are getting written up and turned into the principles to talk to and the ride sucked.  I think I have only written up 6 students all year.  Yes, I have written up some several times, but only 6 different students that I can think of.

It was terrible though.

Kyra is all into stickers here lately.  So we are giving her address labels to play with.  Here she is with that long extra piece stuck right across her nose.

I did get some of my work done today not much though.  I was busy IMing some of my old friends.

Oh…oh… yeah.  Team Double Click called me this evening to threaten me that I have a year non-compete agreement.  That I can’t work for their clients, this even after I told them that their client can’t afford me.  They are making it as hard to run for the woods as they were to get the job.  I sort of am amused though with this low belt threats tactic.  I thought they were more professional than this, but they are surprising me at every turn here. 

I guess I should have known to run when they said they didn’t pay for time that you spent on keeping track of their payroll for them and entering your own time into there online Quickbooks.  They have every time saving tool available to there contractors and they make there contractors use them on our time.  That is just sucky…

My rock clubs rock show is this weekend, so today was the set up day.  I took some name tags down and took some pictures of the set up and stuff for there web site.  I will update it in the morning.  I just had to show you this piece though.  It is a $1200 rock. Wowwy….LOL…

Well, that is all.  I am going to bed after I take one of those antibiotics that I got yesterday.  Blah.