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20070902_00410a 20070902_00510a When my toe was done, I went and bought enough supplies to tape my toe up for a month.  I used them for 2 days because the tape on the toe hurt more than the toe did out in the air.  When Adam left he took all the “real” band-aid’s, so when my girl wants a bandage, she really gets a bandage.

She has a real “boo boo” on her elbow, so the other day.  I taped her up for real.  That is how she has figured out these bandage things though now and insists on them.  I think every child goes through this or at least that is the rumor.  I indulge her though so far because these long bandage things are sort of fun in my half perverted mind.

Here are a couple photos of today’s pretend bandages, no child was actually hurt in the making of these photos.  LOL….