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GothRP2201_468x665  I don’t know if this is a couple of high school kids or if they are trying to ride the transit bus.  I really don’t know how the bus system works in London either. 

I guess I don’t really like the idea of a women being lead around on a leash either, but it appears that she goes willingly and is unhurt.  That would make this her business and none of mine nor any other bus drivers.

I personally may be a little crazy too.  I think that the goth style is beautiful and almost elegant in a way.  These people put a ton of thought into there appearance, it isn’t like me.  I toss a t-shirt on when I wake up.  I am pretty sure nothing would be said to me when I got on the bus though and that is very sad.

I hope that they win there discrimination case, but more over I hope that the bus driver learns about not being this way.  It isn’t right.

Here is the PDF.

What do you think??