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So my experiences last night were totally different than I was expecting.  It was very fun though for me, but the participants in my bar trip each had some silly little drama going on with them.

It started with the birthday person, whom this whole trip was scheduled to celebrate having a sick child at home.  I know this isn’t her fault, but she made herself a curfew which was sort of early, so hampered our 10 bar plans.  She was home by 11 ultimately.

We also had a medical emergency seizure we think at the 3rd bar.  Now, this person wasn’t drunk at all.  I had a whole group that can handle there liquor pretty good.  We all think she had a seizure though, so she went home early too.

I left them at the 5th bar though for a long while and did the delivery of them home.  We than just went to that bar and finished off the night until last call.  I ended the night by taking home the last 7. 

Everyone made it home safe though.  Stephen and I were both very sober all the way to the end, but we didn’t get back to my house until like 4. 

Stephen got off to the woods for hunting late this morning.  He was out by 9 though.  (Hindsight note: He got a deer though. Woo Hoo!!)

I got to picking up Kyra late as well.  I feel pretty crappy that that happened…it was very dramatic in it’s own right in the end there while I was going to get her.  I was already late and than, dummy me missed the exit.  DUH!!! 

I was late because of Robin though, she takes so long to get ready.  I should give her like a  hour notice when I take her anywhere and give her a leaving time like 1/2 hour early. 

I took her to her bar to work and then took the van on to get Kyra.  I took the van back to the rental company.  I switched out with her truck, drove back to the bar, and took Larry who generously opened for her, so she could sleep in a little longer.  So, I brought him back home.  It was all sort of confusing if you weren’t there.  LOL..

I didn’t do anything basically today.  I guess I visited with my other neighbors and the kids came and played with Kyra for awhile.  It was nice because I am still slightly tired from being up too late. 

I also feel better because I talked to Liz a bit.  I was wondering what was going on with them because they haven’t been around.  They are very religious though and this whole divorce thing rubs them wrong I believe.  They also liked Adam…probably more than they like me.  I told her that the boys should go up to Adam’s someday and visit.  I think he would like that.  They miss him, I am sure he would enjoy them as well though.

I think Kyra has graduated from Barney over the last week or so too.  She isn’t watching it all that involved like she used too.  She is now into the shows with more of a story line which really makes me happy.  I was so hating on Barney there for a long while and she loved him.  I am so not crazy about “I Love You, You Love Me, We are a Happy Family…..” blah blah blah.  I hate that song. 

She is getting to say some of the cutest things.  I really should tell you about some of them, so I can remember, but it seems when I am typing here I can’t remember what she says. 

Well, anyways…that was that.  All a bit crazy.  Have a great night.  Oh, yeah and remember to check out my Blog Exchange partner’s post from today.  Heather is really great.