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Well, yesterday went too quick.  I wasn’t at my computer very much though, amazingly. I drove and just did my normal stuff, but Tom came I fixed him lunch.  Robin called can you help with this and that, so by the time all of this was done.  It was over the day and I got almost no work done.  I wouldn’t have anyways really though, with Kyra wanting to play all the time, so it  was actually probably better.

Here is a picture of my portrait lights in the basement, we moved them to the unfinished side.

Here is the finished side.  This is going to be my new computer room.  The desk in the back corner on the left is going to be my new desk.  I decided not to move my big desk down there.  I am going to have a table that I can write at and will only really use the desk for the computer.  I think I am going to hang some sort of curtain to block off the shelf wall, but that is undecided yet.

I am going to move my big desk into the garage for a work station of some sort, probably more of a junk holder, but a nice looking one.  LOL…. Our garage needs more junk holders for sure.

Well, that was all.  I have lots of work to do with this big move.