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Today, I took Kyra to Adam’s almost first thing because we both slept in.  I love weekends.  From Adam’s I just came home.  I actually cleaned for a bit, you can totally see my kitchen counters now.  I cleared them right off.  I cleaned in my bedroom some too.  There is virtually nothing on the floor.  I should have vacuumed here, but I didn’t.

I am picking all the things out of the garden in preparation for next year, so essentially weeding it, but all the food plants are going too.  I am feeding the entire mess to the horses, so today.  I did 3 wheel barrel loads of that to them.

Kyra came home and didn’t sleep all night as a matter a fact, she is still awake.  It is almost 10:30. 

I am designated driving tonight, so we will be off again here soon to pick up our a little too drunk clients.  They aren’t staying out late tonight which is a good thing and I only have 3 of them.  I will probably be driving most Saturday nights for awhile here.  I think football season brings this one because last year I think I did a lot of driving in September too.  It is good money though, so I am always available.

Anyways…that was today.  It was really quite dull, but a welcome sort of dull.  Today isn’t over though, so there is still plenty of time for excitement.