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I feel my life has gone back to normal, which is a good thing. I was scared for more excitement in my life. I drove today like normal. Oh my goodness though, this morning I backed my bus into a pick up truck…I was going like negative miles per hour though and there was no damage at all except it left my bus with a smear in the dirt and a smear of dirt on this perfectly cleaned truck. I washed it off though and that was that. I felt like a really bad driver for a minute more because I did it right in front of 2 other drivers. They both than started telling me things that they had done. I felt better immediately….

Here is Kyra this morning. She likes climbing on her chair.

We got an estimate on how much to put a built in dishwasher, new countertop, and new floor in our kitchen, finally. It was slightly more than I expected, but we are going to do it. We are putting it off though until January. I will be able to save that much money by than… so it will be done. Amazing…huh?? LOL…

Well, that is pretty much it. Back to my boring posts… oh I almost forgot. I went to Walmart this morning and the last 2T costume was a frog one. It is adorable, so Kyra will be a frog. I got some green face paint to complete the looks. It will be great. It was even on sale… woo hoo for procrastination.