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Today was a basically dull day.  We had 2-hour delay again…ahhh.  There was a small dusting of snow, but I am sick of 2 hour delays.  The roads aren’t bad.

Kyra in basementKyra is doing great.  She has some sort of sickness though, which I have no idea what it is.  She isn’t keeping her food down to good at night.  She doesn’t act sick all day but she pukes when she goes to bed.  I have no idea.  She puked more than I ever saw today though.  We are washing the sheets and she is back asleep basically peacefully.  Any ideas on what this is?

She is doing the cutest thing in the shower.  When you turn the water on, she is slowly backing up and putting her head under the water like an adult.  It is really cute.  LOL..  

Flies in HandWe are getting our flies under control.  We still have some, but they are dying off.  Here is today’s tally of fallen victims from the spray yesterday.

Aquarium Here is my aquarium picture from today.  I am pretty proud of how good it looks.  My fish are in a fish heaven, I think.   They are fed well, have lots of friends, and beautiful live green plants to hide in.

Oh, I ordered a treadmill.  You know my New Year’s Resolution.  (Not to use it, but to get it.) So I am now complete on my resolution.  It will be delivered on Monday.  It is a Horizon Fitness T50 Home Treadmill (Factory Refurbished) from Amazon.  Now, I know my resolution had no usage clause.  I do hope/plan on using it.  I do feel I need to get some more exercise than I currently am getting.  So here is my fitness goal.  I want to walk 3 miles a day.  Yes, walk.  I don’t want to break to much of a sweat, but I will do this before I get in shower.  That is all, my whole goal in a nutshell.  I can do it anytime throughout the day, so long as I get 3 miles in.  I may break it down to smaller sections, no rules on that.  I just want to have 3 miles before I go to bed.  I get it on Monday though, so I can be a bum for 5 more days.

Well, that is all for now.  I am going to bed early tonight and hoping that they don’t delay school at 5 am, so I can sleep til my usual of 6 and then I can get a full normal day working here the rest of the bit.  Night….