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This is a sponsored post!

My bath faucets are still leaking. Larry replaced a big section of the copper pipe with PVC yesterday. It was still leaking at the faucet, so he tried but wasn’t sure if it would work. This resin stuff on the faucet pipe, well he was right. It didn’t work. It is leaking now worse than before. I have actually turned my water off now in between when I need it.

So, tonight I will be getting new faucets. I am leaning towards something like this with two tone coloring. I need big bases on them though because my old faucets were big and they cut out the shower thingy to that size and now I have to cover that all up.

Anyways, I was looking over here getting an idea of what was available in the faucet arena. There is masses of selection on faucets. It is wonderful to see the options that will fit best with my lack of decor.

The site is full of tips for purchasing and even offers free shipping.