Select Page started out the coldest day so far this fall. It was frigid. I am lucky I got my bus started…other’s didn’t. I am glad that they didn’t cancel school though as it turned out a pretty good day for school to continue. Driving for the mid-day and afternoon routes was pretty normal.

Here is Kyra this afternoon all ready to go and then Kyra in the car on the way to the mall.

I did something I didn’t ever think I would do though. I gave my website address…this site to some of the students that ride my bus. I have nice students, so hopefully. I won’t get any mean comments like I imagine could be told of other drivers or so I hear. ha ha I just wanted to get more traffic and to get rated by the Alexa system. I don’t say anything bad on here, so that isn’t any big deal and I don’t think I have ever used a students real name on here.

I filled out a W9 form for teamdoubleclick, so I think that is a good sign. They said a personality test was to come, but I haven’t seen any type tests. They asked for references though, I gave them my neighbor (Robin) , my computer repairman (Tony) , and Tom. That should give them some interesting conversations about me.

Maybe Robin can tell them how she calls me at midnight and wants me to come get her because she is too drunk to drive or she is at work and left the keys to her vehicle at home while her vehicle somehow made it to work. (That was a long story.)

Than my computer repairman can tell them how I called him crying (Like Charlie Brown tears almost uncontrollable) when my hard drive crashed and I had over 500 ebay auctions live. I still fondly remember that day as one of the saddest days of my life. Yes my computer dies and I cry. Well, we fixed my computer that day. Tony dropped all his other jobs and I sat at his house fixing me a new computer til after 10 pm. Now that is service. He can also tell about his wedding day. I was his wedding photographer. I took over 600 pictures that day. There was a rattlesnake at his wedding…. see my June posts. That was an amazing event.

Tom now he can probably tell the most stories of me. Me collecting rocks in the middle of the summer in the over 100 degree quarry. Me hiking what seemed like forever carrying Kyra.

Well, hope I get the job. ha ha went to the mall later today and did a little job (It required pictures, so camera came too). Kyra was petting the stuffed reindeer at the Santa Station. There was a long line to sit on Santa’s lap today.

We than went to the gym. I promised Adam I would go with him for 30 days…regret regret. I guess I will though. I walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes tonight. I walk slow though at 2.? miles per hour, so very slow. Adam warms up at 4.1 mph or at least he claims to and that is supposed to make me feel badly. However, I hate sweating. No, sweating is so gross. I know I am weird, but I don’t want to sweat even at the gym. I just want to be active and not sweat. This is why I like swimming. You can sweat and sweat and sweat, but you will never know you are because you are surrounded by water already. It is brilliant.

We came home and here I am. I have given up on redoing my computer for now. I am not a technical person on a computer. I like the software end of it, but not the hardware, setting up drivers and trying to make physical matter do as it is told is terrible work. It is so boring too. It is like a test takes 20 minutes to complete, so you sit and you wait and you wait. I like software. You almost always get your results immediately, like for example when I submit this page. I can go instantly to my website and it appears. If it doesn’t….I can go fix it. There is no wait and wait, test this, test that…blah blah blah. I should call Tony… ha ha I won’t though. I will struggle through until I get it because I am a cheap skate and it is probably good for me. It will just take me weeks to do what he can do in an hour. I however believe that it would take him quite a few days to set up a blog like mine and I can do that fairly quickly.

Well, that was my today. It was a good day. It was a Friday, after this week. I am loving that fact. No bussing tomorrow. I will miss it by Monday, but it is nice for tomorrow. Night..