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Ok, so I am going to review this website which like my site is also a wordpress site. I really do think these would make a great Christmas gift for that little one just wanting a new bike.

Any ways these bikes are neat vintage looking bikes. Where I live some of the Mennonite people drive around authentic bikes from back in the day that look a lot like these. It is great though because the old stuff is coming back and they are fun to look at.

I personally liked this pictured bike the best. It is called the 26″ XYZ Woman Teal & Pink Classic Beach Cruiser. This link will take you right to it or click on it’s picture. There are more pictures of it too. It is currently priced at $142.50, so not to bad. This bike is bright colored, not to feminine but also not masculine looking either. It has the perfect amount of female to it with the colors. The seat looks like you could sit on it for a fairly long ride without it getting sore behind.

If I could do my own custom beach cruiser though, I think I would do it like a bumble bee colored. Black and yellow with a fairly narrow stripe with the seat and rims a matching black. I would make the rim on the back wheel longer and maybe come to a semi-point. I really don’t know why, but I think that would look really neat looking. I think kids would like it too.

I asked my husband which bike he liked the best and he chose the one titled Firmstrong TANKER Beach Cruiser. It is a blue colored sort of wide frame. Very interesting bike.

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