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I blogged this the other night, but than my computer must have done something wrong because it never got posted.

So this is from yesterday. It was the most beautiful day so far this year. It was 70+ degrees outside. I took this photo with the self timer. We tried to stay outside as much as we could.

You can see our hair cuts here too though, both me and Adam got our shorter hair cuts. Kyra’s hair is finally growing, you can’t see but it is like 2 inches long in the back some areas of her head.

There was an accident on the S turns of Newburg yesterday, so I had to take a detour with my bus. That was interesting.

Today Adam kept Kyra for the morning run. He claims he will never do that again as he misses out on sleep. I say “Poor Boy”, but I at the same time wish him the sleep as he is sort of a jerk without his sleep.

We ended up not getting our photo taken today. I do want to get them done, but today just didn’t work.

Well, that is that for now. Bye. Posted by Picasa