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Today was a special day. It was like everything went off so good although it would have been better if I had drove as we need some money. However, that is irregardless and ends next week.

We went to Chambersburg and I did my normal Wal-mart jobs. We didn’t even stay down there very long. We usually go to lunch or something. We came home though and I made us some dinner.

We than went for a walk. We made it our full 2 miles. We took the stroller instead of me wearing the backpack. I like the backpack, but when Adam is with it is easier to take stoller and he likes pushing it.

I took like 10 pictures on our walk, but they are like the same pictures. There is only so many things you can take pictures of in the same 1 mile stretch everyday. I missed my day a few weeks ago, when the horses were loose…. I got my new monopod today though and it does help keep things slightly more stable. I am pretty still though. I am not sure what to do with the strap while the camera is on the monopod, should it dangle or should you take it off??? I wish it just had clips to clip to hook it back on instead of those little loop thing that you have to struggle with. If it has those the choose would be simple, take it off. I may work on that getting clips.

The sellers on eBay vary so much with shipping times. I mean I ordered the monopod February 10th and got it today, so what is that 6 days. That is pretty fast. Here let me do some name throwing to give this seller credit…. you want to buy from them they are good. Here is his listings: oldenglishchina.

I ordered this camera harness to carry it different and take the weight off my neck and distribute it across your back. We will see how that works. I ordered it on January 26th and still haven’t gotten it. Ok, since I was giving names. I may as well go ahead and give you the not so good sellers name too. Here is his items: litchfieldsports. I don’t really think he means to suck, but maybe he is in over his head with too many items to service his customers that he is getting. I bid and won the item on January 26th. I always pay on the same day that I win with Paypal unless I have to mail a check or something. Well, I did get a camera strap on January 7th, but it was the wrong one. I had already waited over a week. Which I guess for me is about the limit on wait time. I start loosing it than. He gave me a hard time about getting money to ship the wrong strap back to him and I still haven’t gotten the right strap yet. I will wait another week though.

I guess what makes the bad sellers worse is that they don’t tell you what they are doing. This seller would seem great to me if I knew what was going on with my item. I mean, did he get the wrong strap is the new strap on the way?? What is going on up there. You have no idea. I told him what I was doing and why and when and everything. I even sent him the delivery confirmation number. He did none of those things for me. It would really be great to be acknowledged as a customer. I guess that is really all that I expect. The seller of my monopod acknowledged me the next morning and sent me information that my package was shipped. It made it seem maybe even quicker because I knew there was progress.

Ok…I should get off that soapbox. I guess selling on ebay for years though gets these types of feelings stirring and makes you wonder where the other sellers heads really are sometimes. I do like buying on there though, as most people are so great and I can get items that I would otherwise not be able to get.

Ok, back to my walk talk. How is it that a simple 30 minute, 2 mile walk can make you feel like you accomplished so much in a day?? I mean that is so refreshing and wonderful part of the day. It makes the whole day seem better is some sort of way.

Kyra is doing so good. She slept our whole walk as we walked when I normally drive and that is her normal nap time. I think she is getting an ear infection, but we read all about them online. I gave her some baby motrin tonight to see if it helps. I read that viral infections are the only ones that doctors heal and that they give antibiotics just to make parents feel better. That bacterial infections heal themselves in the time that the antibiotics are working. The antibiotics do basically nothing for bacteria. They also build immunity in our systems if we get to many, so later when you really need them they are not effective. Well, if Kyra still itches her ear like mad next week. I will take her to doctors.

I made appointment for my boob ultrasound this morning. It is next Wednesday. That should be a fun day. We are going to Hagerstown for the ultrasound, they are like 1/2 price down there compared to local here. We will make a day of it as it is also my last day of not driving everyday, well officially Thursday is, but I have to ride and get my new bus on Thursday. So for this purpose I will think of Wednesday as the day.

Well, I am going to bed now. Night…. Posted by Picasa