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Being a substitute bus driver is way harder than being on a regular route.  I know this from being a substitute bus driver for over 2 years.  I was required to know almost all the roads in our school district and read my written notes, all while watching children whom were going to be testing there limits with me.

I now have a regular route and basically know each kids name and can vision where they live just by glancing at them.  This is all luxury that the substitutes don’t have.

Students that misbehave on my bus with a substitute get written up twice because I have the substitute write them up and then I go ahead and write them up as well.  It makes it go generally my substitute has no issues as all my kids know what the deal is.

Anyways, all that doesn’t make an excuse for a substitute driver to let a 2nd grader off miles from there home.  That is what this driver did.  I think it has to be illegal and chargeable for some sort of something this one.  I can’t imagine letting another student off as well, to escort the walking…. It is all very confusing.  I’ll be watching to see if any updates come for this article though.

I am very confused basically, but sad that this happened.  Why on earth??

Here is the PDF.