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Today was a great day. We went shopping at Target and Old Navy, me and Kyra that is. We stopped in and visited with Connie while she was cooking. Kyra took a skinny dip in Robin’s little 2 foot deep pool. She is pretty funny. I didn’t have my camera out there. I don’t take naked pictures generally anyways. I do have a few though her little butt is too cute sometimes to not take a picture.

We finally got her Tri-cycle together yesterday, so I took her for a walk with it this afternoon, using the push handle. She can’t reach the peddles yet, so has to use the foot rest pegs. She wants to walk along with you walking, so have to be careful with this new toy so she don’t hurt her feet.

I took more baby stuff pictures, I really liked this one. It is pretty cute. That security blanket thingy is just so cute even though I am glad Kyra isn’t using a security item as of now.

Kyra sometimes does the funniest thing. I always spin her around in the living room holding her tight in my arms and getting her dizzy. Her little head bobs around and around, it is pretty fun. I walked into the livingroom and she was spinning herself around getting herself dizzy, which was cute enough. Her little head was bobbing around and around. She was so dizzy that she walked right into the wall, just a big old donk. It was so funny. Why does she make me laugh like this?? She wasn’t hurt, I don’t even think it scared her. She just went donk. I guess the funny part is I see it as something stupid that I could do.

Well, I am going to bed. Night….