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Today went smoothly.  We got a lot done actually.  I did my morning routes, got home went to Carlisle to Petsmart bought a new aquarium cleaner as Adam stepped on the one we have accidentally and broke it. 

 We were going to go to lunch at Red Robin for lunch, they don’t open until 11, so we blew some time in Target.  I got Kyra some new drawing utensils….well maybe those were for me.  We’ll share either way.  We did than go to Red Robin for lunch.  It is my birthday Wednesday, so I had my coupon for a free meal.  They sang for me, which was cool. 

 We went to the greenhouse and got our seeds for our garden and came home and planted them.  I am growing peas this year where I usually grow tomatoes.  I am going to put a tomato in my front flower bed (not sure if that makes me a red neck or not), LOL… I am not huge on digging or getting dirty, but I like flowers good enough.  I just prefer if I am going to dig and get dirty that the end results I can eat.  This will give me a good reason to weed too.

This one tulip bulb has been living in my front bed since I moved here and I love it.  It is the lone tulip though that grows basically by itself with no maintenance.  Isn’t it lovely today all flowered.

I did my afternoon routes.  Came home, had an hour on my computer which is simple for me to use up. 

Robin had a little get together with friends and to celebrate my birthday.  I am all excited about my birthday this year, so it is really cool.  I turn 30,  so the even number.  This is going to be a great age for me.  I know it already.

Anyways, Robin is totally excited because I told her I would drink.  She is a drinker, so she has a hard time understanding how I don’t need or want to drink all the time.  I sometimes have a hard time understanding why she would want to drink all the time, so we are equal really. 

Well, anyways….she has been telling everyone that she was going to get me drinking.  I am here now semi drunk, sort of shakey writing this, but I would classify that I had maybe 1 drink or 1 1/4.  I was just going to drink the one til it was finished, but they had to refresh it, so I am not sure if I just got the rest of the one or a little more than that one. 

Anyways, I feel it.  I like being in control though and fight this out of control feeling something else.  I used Kyra to come home as she is now in bed.  I am here with her and will be in bed after this post.  I will probably sleep like I have never slept before. 

 Yes, I have drank before, but not for years.  I never liked the feeling, so I just don’t do it.  I am a great designated driver and I like going to dance clubs, so it is fun for me even without drinking.

So these are pictures from tonight.  (Robin and Larry, The Cake, and finally Adam and Kyra)

We are going somewhere else on Wednesday, my actual birthday.  We will probably play miniature golf or something if no rain.  It almost always rains on my birthday, it is part of those April Showers theory that goes around. 

Good Night…