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Here is the birthday girl. Woo Hoo. She dove into the cake. She is so fun. She kept her hat on too. It was amazing.

Well, the day started out very hectic. Adam didn’t get home from work until past 5 o’clock this morning. The driver that was supposed to go from the other side got arrested, so couldn’t work. Thus holding Adam up by 6 hours, boo hoo hoo. We were planning on shopping for this party together, but it ended up that I took Kevin and we went shopping in the morning.

We went to 5 grocery stores. We got free cake at each of them, so Kyra has 6 cakes total. The Walmart gave this little one, which was 4 inch round, so that was Kyra’s all by herself, but she didn’t eat even 1/4 of it, most of it was on her. It was great though.

She got a lot of nice things for her birthday. She will be looking great for the next year with all the new clothes she got. She didn’t get a ton of toys, which is good. She has so many.

Okay, and now I am learning to do frames in my PSP, so this is a framed called Bulb Fields. I did it from a tutorial on the web. I put the flowers in the corners instead of the little diamond things in the tutorial. It actually turned out pretty good, but the frame seems pretty narrow compared to what is shown in the tutorial. Maybe I did something wrong, but oh well. It is my 2nd go at a pretty detailed frame.

It was a great day. Kyra is a year old now, amazing. I am not one of those mom’s that is going to say 15 months in 3 months from now though. She is going to be simply a year until next year, maybe a year and a �, but that will be pushing it when that comes.

Well, I am going to bed now. I have to get up early. Night…