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Yeah, it was exactly 4:13 when I rolled over and decided that I didn’t want to get up yet. I had a small amount of sales that would have liked to have attended, but I also don’t have the money. My account as of right now is negative $400 and some, which isn’t so bad, but it doesn’t need more negative added to it. I was good.

I had agreed to meet Kyra before 9 in Carlisle from Adam, so I grabbed Stephen up and we went to breakfast at Friendly’s. Kyra was delivered while we ate. It was nice.

20071123_00209a I came home and they moved Stan out. I guess all I can say about that is I do wish him the best. I hope he can keep up the good eating habits that he learned here. He had lost almost 60 lbs and I blame myself. I was nothing but good to him. I am not sure if I will miss him or not though as it was a lot of work to keep track of his life along with my own. I know him gone will be less stress for me. I though underneath this hope that whereever he is, does a good job with the stress that is him.

He was gone just before noon, completely gone. I was here alone analyzing my situation for a few hours. It was sort of nice and relaxing.

My brother arrived about 1. We again, just sort of lounged around until we went and ate dinner at Chili’s. I am so sad though that I brought mine home almost all of it and will be enjoying some good Chili’s food tomorrow as well.

We watched the movie Elizabethtown that I had on DVR while Kyra fell sleep. I am now here at my computer. I am contemplating listing on ebay these fabric pieces that I have had pictures taken of for so long… I have went so far as getting the tape measure out to make sure my descriptions are accurate. I will probably list a few at least, but it is best if I do them all for multiple piece buyers. I am hoping that I can make a few hundred dollars to help with that negative above. I guess it is the best week to sell with this Cyber Monday whole deal going on…who knows.

So, that is where I am off too. Have a great night.