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Today was a really strange day as the title sort of implies by it’s strangeness.

Here is Kyra in her gloves and bling to start it off though.

My daily routes went as usual almost.  I had a student 2nd grader tell me in detail about losing his virginity in front of a kindergartener who had no idea what he was talking about.  Yeah, this was fun.  I told my 2nd grader to stop talking about it because other students didn’t know what he was talking about and that I would talk to him at school.  It sort of worked.  He changed the subject to unborn twins, yeah all about them kicking and what not in the stomach of there mother.  Yeah, my 5 year olds still sort of sat there all innocent.  I love 5 year olds. 

So we got to school and it let them off and told my 2nd grader I would be back and I was, I delivered the kids to the other school and went back. 

I told the principal what was going on and that we needed to speak with this student, so now instead of being concerned that a 2nd grader has lost his virginity and needs to talk.  The principal is only concerned that parents of other students might call and think this topic is inappropriate and blah blah blah.  Which it is inappropriate on a bus, thus the whole point of why I am standing in the school at this very minute. He wants to be able to say that this 2nd grader was disciplined, yeah that is right, kicked off the bus for wanting some advice at an inappropriate time.

So, I ask.  How does a kid know when is an appropriate time to talk about sex and why was this particular kid claiming to have had sex?

I never got to talk to the kid although I did see him.  The principal basically just cut him down to pieces for talking like this on the bus without a word of why or anything.  I left the school almost in tears for this boy.

The rest of my day and afternoon routes went normal.  This boy wasn’t on the bus, but I don’t think he would have been anyways, he doesn’t ride a lot of afternoons.

I got home and got this strange memo from Team Double Click that they were going to start implementing a 25 dollar fine if you turn in your paperwork late, so I am almost always late with my paperwork on Sunday because I sleep in.  (Yeah, my only day to sleep in.  I do it and than eat breakfast and then usually do this paperwork.)  Well, the messed up thing is they won’t pay us for the time it takes to do this paperwork, so this is really my time and not there time.  So I quit today.  I can get a web design or blog customer on my own and make that much money.  Yeah, I made very little anyways.

I did say I would work a 2 week notice if they would like me too, but no fines for late paperwork.  LOL….

After that, I had a Sears job.  I went and did at the mall with Adam.  We went to dinner too.  Adam thinks it is great that I quit that job.  He was hating it for some reason.  LOL…  So, I did my boring mall job.  It took about 20 minutes.  I have to take pictures while doing it, so I had my camera at the mall.  This is Kyra at the toy beach set at the toy store.

We also have been in need to a new vacuum as our’s stinks, quite literally.  It is like a mouse died in it or something…blah.  So I broke down looking at the vacuum section.  Here is Adam with his new “super sucker”.  It is a Dyson, the middle priced one with the long sucking extension.  He is going to love it, hopefully for many years.

We came home and here I am typing away.  I should be in bed…so night.