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I almost forgot.  I have to write a post this weekend for my first blog exchange.  I am trading a post with the lady over at .  I have to write about a song for the blog exchange post.  It is sort of hard for me.  I seem not to listen to that much music without listening on my bus, so the picking a song is sort of hard.  That and I generally like rap music which is mostly not appropriate for her site.  Yeah, bet you didn’t know I like rap music.  LOL….

The cool things about this is she is going to write a post for on my site about a song too, so I look forward to posting that from her.  

I like the idea of guest writers, which this sort of is, not that I will skip out on that day….ha ha.  Hardly a chance.  This is my therapy…I love it. 

Anyways, that is what I have to work on.