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Well, my second new client for TeamDoubleClick has decided she doesn’t want me. I am having mixed feelings on this though. I think I could have done about as good of a job as could be done and maybe even better. She had a whole lot of work that could be done in what I was going to do for her.

However, she had so much work to be done and I don’t think she knew what the work was that needed to be done at the same time. I think that if I would have done the work, she wouldn’t have been able to see it all that easy because there would be so much more that could have been done too. She had a tight time limit which would have easily been maxed out in one day.

I think the right thing happened and she should get a major professional for like 6 times the pay rate they would have been paying me and probably 10 times the hours. I don’t know if a better job will be achieved or not though.

So, I am leaving that case. Hopefully a new and better case will come along and it will be the perfect match for me with my skill category.

Ok…maybe another not so stressful post is in order. To help with sleep.