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Here it is after midnight. I am still awake. It just seems like my life is falling apart temporarily as of today. Yeah…funny huh?

It seems that one of the students that has been out to get rid of me driving the bus. (Yes folks they do exist.) Well, she got her parents to write a letter to anyone and everyone at the school. I am guessing by how many people have talked to me that this was quite the convincing letter. It points out things from the first day I drove though and some things that are total falses.

Now remember when I started driving this route it was after the former bus driver was killed. (See March) So when I first started driving this route, I was pretty lenient. I felt like I didn’t want to push anything down these kids’ throats because of what they had just been through. I was pretty proud of them just for building the courage of getting on the bus.

I gradually got tougher, but I am no where near as tough as there former driver was.

Well, any ways. This letter talks about music on the bus which I haven’t played any with students since the 3rd week of school.

It talks about motioning people to go through red lights which goodness. I adhore anyone that thinks of going through even yellow lights. I mean these are peoples kids and they think the way is clear.

It talks about speeding. Yes, on occasion I do speed. There is one road in particular that I speed on, but I only have one student one during that road in the morning and no students in the afternoon. The speed limit is 30, but the road is perfect straight and you can see probably 2 miles. I think it is the best road of our whole area as far as seeing. I only drive a short distance on it, but I usually go 40.

The majority of my route is on fast roads though. I tried to go the speed limit on part of my route on my way home doing it this afternoon, I can’t. I mean all these warnings made me want to see how this could be the speeding. I stop too often to make it up to the speed limit of 55. I just have to stop again. The majority of my route has a 45 mile speed limit though which is ample for a bus. I am pretty much going at that pace. I was exactly right on time with my last stop today and think is was more conscious about my speed than I have been in a whole long while.

Ok, so there is that rant. I have a meeting with the director of Transportation in the morning. I hope it makes me feel better and not worse. I really haven’t had too much exposure to this sort of stuff and really no complaints as far as driving goes except from this one same parent. My boss talked to me today and was stressing that everything is fine and to just be careful, so I guess that is the advise I will take.

It just sucks to be under a microscope. You wonder like the ant when the light is going to hit you at just the right angle to leave a mark…ha ha huh? I am stupid.

Another blogging the stress away, is coming right away…this works.