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So, I got tagged by Nia of Leaving America to do this MEME where this nameless guy from Urbanmonk is going to donate $$$$$ to charity for this link.

I am supposed to do this deeply touching post about what I would do if the blogosphere shutdown, but honestly.  I don’t want to think about it.

That said…I do think I would make it okay.  I live in the country and until I got my garden growing good, I would probably be hungry.  I have a wood stove that I have never lit, but I do have it and would figure it out fairly quickly.  I have well water and private septic tank, so all that isn’t a bill anyways.  That is my thoughts on the craziness.

If just the internet went out, I go crazy.  I have said that the only bills that I pay the minute they get into my mailbox is my internet and electric.  The rest are usually paid on time, but sit til next pay day.  I am a true internet addict though.

I read anywhere from 150-200 blogs via my feed reader on a daily basis.  I try to keep it down to 100, so occasionally I will clean it out though it never stays low for long.  I am a MyBlogLog addict and almost everyday hit my limit of adding 15 new contacts.  I do searches on whatever I feel in the mood to read about on Google blog search after that in my spare time…ha ha. 

So can you tell, I am addicted and the blogosphere shut down would cause all sort of withdrawal effects must like coming off crack does a crack addict, I do believe.  I would probably have convulsions and the such.


I don’t really know who to tag, so I’ll just say if you are reading this and would like to help out a good cause, go ahead. Consider yourself tagged….

If you do take this tag, leave a comment and I will put you a link in under here.