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Today came and left like a bad dream.  I went on my route.  Not much happened, I am getting broke into my new route good.  It is almost to relaxing though as the speed limit on almost the whole thing is like 30.  My old route was almost all on 55 roads, so I could really buzz along.  I honestly could only get my bus going 55 between like 3 stops.  Now..I don’t really have that, because I have sometimes 5 miles between stop. It sort of feels like I am lulling around.

I got back from routes.  This was my relaxation time of the day.  I sat for 25 minutes.  We had to get Stan’s blood taken today.  We went to that.  It took almost 2 hours and Kyra was out of control energetic.  I think everyone there was thinking does this kid ever just sit down??  She wasn’t bad and she did listen though, but she was going up the the aquarium and saying really loud yellow fish and blue fish.  There is a fountain of water in the hallway, so we were out there for awhile and she was screaming water water.  She was basically a happy little girl, but just loud and fast moving as usual.

 We left to late to get home, so we went to Red Robin.  It is very close to the lab place.  It was so good.  It melts in your mouth.  I could eat their every single day and not get sick of it.

20070905_01406p Somewhere in here was this trailer rolled over in a field, of course I had my camera. 

I told Stan that we weren’t going anywhere tomorrow unless he was in critical condition.  That would come back later.

We came home.  I had 10 minutes and then went for my afternoon routes.  They were also very uneventful.

I got home thinking aaaahhhh!  I can finally relax.  Nope, not a chance.  The doctors office was calling (quite the change from yesterday), Stan’s blood is too thin.  We sort of knew this because the blood prick hole hadn’t sealed and he was very slightly bleeding for several hours without any visible clotting. The same was happening on his fingers when he would check his sugar.  Yeah, Stan is leaving a slight trail of blood every place he goes.

They give us a vitamin K prescription and we have to take it tonight.  I think the phone rang 6 times in the time I was home and the time we left.  Now, my phone normally doesn’t ring 6 times in a full day.  I am partially shocked when it does ring.  I hate talking on the phone and everyone that I know knows that.  I do e-mails much better and IM better yet.

Oh, and guess what.  They want Stan’s blood again tomorrow, so I have to do this all over again even without him in critical condition.  We are going to go to a closer collection place tomorrow though, so hopefully won’t be that bad.

Anyways, we left again.  We went to Wal-mart pharmacy because CVS doesn’t have this pill.  This prescription turns out to be one pill.  It isn’t covered by Stan’s insurance and costs almost $6.  We pay…oh well, I guess. 

20070905_03906p We went to the park because Kyra has been going going all day just like me and she is over loaded with energy.  Who is at the park as well, but our neighbor Stephanie and her cousin.  This was great because Kyra will do anything with Stephanie or TEFF as she calls her.  We stayed there over an hour.

20070905_04007p We got home and Kyra decided it was a good idea to spill her entire box of cereal that I was letting her nibble on.  Hopefully she learns NOT to spill soon (she looks at you smiles and laughs and then dumps on purpose), I think she hates cleaning up her messes while we watch her based on her crying at the end.  I refuse to help her except to make a neater pile occasionally though and she does get it all cleaned up.

She is in bed by 10, so I think this all worked and she is tired.  I do hope tomorrow is less hectic.  Good Night…