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Spring is on my mind. This is a photo from last year, but I am ready. It is to darn cold out now to be out taking pictures. It is supposed to heat up though, so hopefully that happens soon.

There are 7 more school days til I drive my own route. That is exciting to me. I still have to go buy the radio for in the bus. (Yes the drivers here own the radio in the busses, but we move them from bus to bus as we get different ones. I haven’t had a bus wired for a radio yet, so this is a huge upgrade for me.) I am just going to get a cheap one even though this bus can be locked at night.

Today was a different sort of day. We had a basic boring morning.

Than we went and did my Walmart job in Carlisle and a mystery shop at a different place. We than however went to LB Liebman and are going to be in there TV commercial. That was sort of different we are going to look so stupid in the commercial, but it was fun. Fun in sort of a proverse way. Kyra was pretty good. She will be the funniest part of the commercial, but we recorded like 10 minutes of us saying nice things about the furniture store. They only use like 4-5 seconds they said, so who knows maybe we can look good in that short of a time.

We ate at Chili’s. This is the first time for Adam since we went to Reading like 2 years ago. I am so happy that there is a Chili’s now so close to us. We ate there so much when we first got married in Virginia. I now wonder how did we afford it back than, but I guess we did. We are doing better now, so maybe we can go there every two weeks while I do my Walmart jobs. The Walmart job will at least pay for our meal, so that is good.

On Saturday, there is Motorama at the farm show complex. I am thinking about going and taking pictures. It should be fun. I need someone to go with me as I hate going to things like that alone.

Well, I better sign off. Everyone is probably so bored. Night… Posted by Picasa