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I really believe in BlueHost.  I sent a friend of mine over there today to get his first domain.  I have sent people before, but I don’t get really pushy or anything.  I honestly am not a very good sales person.  I do believe in Bluehost though, oh…I already said that.

They host this site and my 3 others.  It is all on one account.  It is super easy to work with and there technical support is what will keep you there.  They are about as great there possibly is and I have had several hosts for sites I have run. 

I have had websites since 1996 even though this site is only a little over a year old.  I can tell you some horror stories if you would like.  I even report the host company Hostway to the Better Business Bureau, not that it did any good.  They were the absolute worst in service though you will find them telling you how great they are.

Well, BlueHost doesn’t really tell you how great they are.  They tell you how cheap they are…take a look at any ad you find for them.  There key point is there price.  Well, I have to be honest.  I would pay more because of there service.

Yes, here is a link .  This is an affiliate link. However, that said.  I would probably provide you with there link even if they didn’t pay me.  I know I would tell anyone who asks me that they are great.

Ok, the cool part is that they auto install a ton of great programs including WordPress which this site is based on, SMF which I use for one of my client sites, there is a calendar that I have used for private rock club events, there is a guestbook, there are a couple different photo gallery’s including Coppermine Photo Gallery and even a couple shopping carts that are auto installed.  This is a great feature which makes it so easy to become hooked on some of the best things the web has to offer.

Well, that is my thoughts on that now.  I hope you will consider them.