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Today, I was a total bore.  I watched my site a lot today.  I watched TV with Stan. 

We went and got Kyra from Adam tonight and went to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner.  It was very good, but on the expensive side.  There is Friday’s across the street from it and that is much more in our budget.

We got home and I talked to the neighbors as they got the goats today.  I mostly had to check on them.  They aren’t going to last there though, they have gotten out of there electric fence 5 times. 

I said something really stupid though while I was there.  I am trying to find a ride to church for Stan because I don’t really feel like driving him every week, but I would like him to go because he enjoys it. 

Well, my neighbors said that I should come to church.  Yeah, every church goer says that but secretly wish you weren’t there when you are at the church. 

Here is my mistake.  I said “No, I am not a church goer.  It is like a cult.” which is how I feel for the most part.  I shouldn’t have said it though.  I didn’t get an answer as to whether or not they would take Stan.  I left realizing my error.  I have to censor myself from saying “Hell” at their house.  It isn’t a frequent word in my vocabulary really, but I don’t see the error in it during normal things.  They look at me like the world was just paused and then I so so stupid tell them church is a cult. Duh!

I guess I am just going to suck it up and take him and go pick him up afterward.  There is a Methodist Church in one of the neighboring towns that is pretty close and looks sort of small and cozy.  I think that is what he likes.

That was my day though.  It was so pretty out all day.  I should have been out taking photos like mad and doing fun outside things.  I will next week.  I need to go to bed Friday night as early as Thursday night.  LOL…  Good NIght…