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Today’s normal post is being broken down into sections because I have so many lovely pictures to share.  It was a great day.

I have a record number of RSS readers at 52 today.  Take a note on that one…it will be in the 20’s tomorrow.  LOL…  I am loving watching this site grow though ever so slowly.  It is great.

 20070902_02512p Well, anyways… we went bowling today.  It was super fun.  We were the only ones in the bowling alley.  None of us broke 100 for our score, we are a pitiful group of bowlers.  Kyra honestly couldn’t even get the ball to the pins until the very end.  I waited until we got all 3 of the balls stuck before I went and retrieved them.

20070902_01212p Stan bowled the best.  I think his score was like 64 or something like that.  He did have one strike though and Kyra’s gutter balls probably outed him at least one frame.

20070902_02412p We look professional though here don’t we??  She smiles hugely and clapped each time she let a ball go.

20070902_01512p Sometimes she didn’t even try to keep them out of the gutter.  That one got a good clap too.

20070902_01112p She liked the score keeping computer thing as well.

It was really fun though and something that we should do more often.  Stan says that once his hip is better he is going to blow us away….not that he didn’t this time.  The guy that was running the lanes had a little dog in here with him named “Max” and Kyra loves dogs, so he was very cute and very soft.