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Yesterday was my first night in my house as my own, no other permanent resident.  ha ha..  Anyways, I didn’t spend the night alone though my brother’s family slept upstairs.  Kyra and I actually slept in though which was nice.  We slept in until like 7:30 which is late for us.

We had planned to go to this place called the Boyd’s Bear Barn for a few weeks, so that is just where we went.  It was Me, Stephen, Kyra, Jason, Missy, and Haley.  It was a nice place for a store honestly.  You have to really like stuffed animals though and bears.  I well not so much.  It was good for a one time visit, but you can’t pay me to go back. Sorry…

I think it is the new joke now for Stephen too.  I heard something like this “You better be good, or I’ll take you to Boyd’s Bear Barn!” for the rest of the day.  He also said I owed him and blah blah, all pretty funny.

20071124_00612a Haley and Kyra though, I think they loved this place.  Kyra held most of the bears in there or well one of the ones from most the tubs.  This photo is of Kyra sitting on a bear that costs $200, does that add any value to the picture??

20071124_01201a The really sad part about this weekend was that I really didn’t get any good photos of Haley at the barn, here is my best one which really sucks.  Haley is so cute too.. How could I not take her picture more.  My other camera is upstairs still though, I think I took some on it maybe.

20071124_00412a There was a Santa at the barn and Kyra sat on his lap. Haley wanted nothing to do with him. Kyra got on his lap and didn’t want off, she like froze up.

When we left the barn, Jason, Missy and Haley headed for home.  I called them this morning and learned that they had a good ride home.  They were home by like 7.

I brought Stephen home to look around my empty house after.  I don’t exactly have a reason for it, but it is a sort of strange feeling for me to just look at my own house.  We fixed some sausages for lunch and sort of lazed around in my living room without a TV.  It is sort of peaceful, but I do want to get a TV in there sometime here eventually.  It is okay though only having 1 TV for now.

I packed up Stan’s coffee mugs though for him to have more and I want my bathroom scale back as that was the one I liked.  I saw he took it and I was like awww man.

Anyways, I had Kyra go to Lyn’s in the evening and we went to Applebee’s for dinner.  Amanda has been trying to watch Kyra for awhile now, so I figured what the heck and off I went. She will also be seeing Kyra when her mom watches her if I get a job, so it is good for Kyra to be with her I think.  We met a couple friends at Applebee’s though.  It was fun.  I came back about 10 and got Kyra, dropped Stephen off at his house, and came home.  I slept here home alone last night.  It was actually nice.  I slept well.

I hope you had a good day yesterday too.