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I am not a total tree hugger, but I think that the BP Solar Decathlon is a wonderful way for them to be spending my almost $3.00 per gallon.

I have been watching the Penn State team in this, just because they are so close to me.

I think my house could be turned all solar as well if it were cheaper, I wouldn’t hesitate. My house gets a whole lot of sun even on not so sunny days. There is an Amish store, sort of store, down the road that sells solar panels. A lot of the Amish in the area are using these for power. The Amish don’t want to be connected to the grid and rely on other people for any of there stuff basically. They want independence as a whole from society.

Anyways, this BP project is a wonderful one and I think all the teams are doing a stellar job. I know that the participants of each team will be winners simply by being involved in such a project. It will raise that individuals awareness that much more.

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