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Here is another photo from yesterday. The lilacs were smelling all fresh and clean in the park.

Today was a crazy day. We went on our normal runs, but in the afternoon. My bus broke down, so I was driving almost my full elementary route going only 30 miles per hour. That seems fast for a bus right, but I drive on main roads almost my whole route has a speed limit of 55. It put me 12 minutes late to my last stop. I than took the bus to the garage and got one of the old sub busses. I am so glad I have my bus. I love it. I hope that it is fixed very quickly.

The one neighbor girl had a track meet tonight, so Adam was going to keep the other kids right after they got off the bus. So he was busy. They had us up for fish sticks after they got home. The girl got 2 first places and a second at the meet. We are going to go to her meet on Wednesday.

Cathy and I walked almost 2 miles, but not quite.

Well, I am going to bed. Night…